Building incredible ventures

Trained in coaching and consulting, I like working with founders, leaders, and game changers. I’ll help you work through any stage from vetting an idea; to getting it off the ground; through growth; strategy development or pivoting; leadership development; to learning to find balance and love the process.

Both coaching and consulting involve drilling into a specific area of the business to create powerful lasting results. However the process and the nature of the work are different:

+ Coaching tends to be more expansive, broadening your world view, tackling a personal-professional goal or goals. It involves being asked and asking yourself some difficult questions. It’s hard work, but ultimately it drives you and your business to another level.

+ Consulting is more task-oriented. It’s better utilized when solving for a specific tangible problem outside of your area of expertise or bandwidth as a short-term supplement to you or your team. Utilizing the Moxie network, we’ll help get your company to where it needs to be.



Evaluate where you are now vs. where you'd like to be

Define Goals:

Get specific about what success looks like

Action Plan:

Translate high-level goals into specific actions, timelines, and milestones

Review and Reflect:

Celebrate progress and consider what further refining can be done

Consulting services include

  • Writing a business or marketing plan

  • Managing a short-term project

  • Writing content

  • Forming or evaluating partnerships

  • Auditing a process or system

  • Building processes or systems

  • Defining vision and mission statements

Entrepreneurial Coaching

When it comes to startups, time is measured in dog years. I have learned this first-hand; I’ve navigated various new ventures as a founder, first hire, advisor, coach, and consultant for industries ranging from tech to education to food. Entrepreneurship is gritty; will force the edges of your comfort zone; and it will make your stomach flip as your reality can change over the course of a conversation.

It can be a lonely experience. Even if you’re part of an incredible partnership within a venture or at home; problem solving, making key decisions, and balancing the daily activities with the big picture is tough – and not a lot of people can identify with it. Working with a coach bridges those gaps and helps in navigating the process.

Executive Leadership Coaching 

A leader can make or break a team. That’s why building a dream team often begins with becoming a better leader. Use coaching as an opportunity to align intention with action and infrastructure to create a space where people do great things.

Translating Vision into Action

Based in Seattle, in-person coaching and consulting sessions primarily take place on the West Coast. We work with individuals, teams, or groups who are committed to making positive change.


I love to help bring young entrepreneurs’ ideas to life by volunteering as a guest speaker, mentor, and business plan competition judge/panelist at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, Washington Business Week, and at local high schools.


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